Want an automatic backup of your Contacts in Norton Mobile Security? Read This!

Using Norton Mobile Security on your Android or iOS device? Well, you must be aware of its key features and functionalities. Apart from providing protection against the viruses, online threats, scams, frauds, and hacking attacks, it also offers a specialized feature of Contacts Backup.

norton mobile security

This feature has been embedded in this Norton product (accessible via Norton.com/setup) by keeping in mind the importance of phonebook in an individual’s life. For instance, if you have accidentally lost your mobile phone or it has got stolen and you don’t have a backup of your contacts then it may cause several problems in the future. That’s because some of these contacts could be of your clients or prestigious customers and be losing the contact with them may cause financial loss.

The backup is also required when you buy a new device and want to have all the things you have been using in your previous mobile phone. Here comes Norton Mobile Security’s Contact Backup feature in action.

To enable this feature, you can either choose to do this manually or if you don’t have time then you can go for a schedule Contacts Backup. By choosing the later one, you can be sure that all your contacts are being backed up to Norton Cloud and you can restore them anytime from any device having Norton Mobile Security installed on it. Follow the below-given steps to successfully schedule Contacts Backup:

  1. Launch the Norton Mobile Security application on your mobile phone
  2. Tap the fourth pillar at the bottom of the main window to access the Device screen
  3. Now, tap Contact Backup
  4. Here, tap the drop-down menu next to the Scheduled
  5. Choose any of the following according to your preference of allowing NMS or Norton Mobile Security backup your contacts:
    1. Daily
    2. Weekly
    3. Monthly
  6. Please note by default, the scheduled backups are set to OFF. So, after choose from the aforementioned three options, move the slider to turn it ON.
  7. Your contacts will get backed up regularly!

If you have further queries related to your Norton nu16 or Norton setup, contact its customer support team!

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