How to defragment files in Norton Utility 16?

Let’s first know about what is defragmentation: It is a process through which the fragmented file stored on a disk is rearranged to engage the continuous storage locations, providing both space and performance optimization. To defragment the hard drives, you can use the Speed Disk window.

defragment files in Norton Utility 16

You need to keep this in mind that you can’t optimize files those are used by the Mac OS. It is also clear by now that you can’t optimize a disk which is used presently by the Startup Disk. In case you select Optimize by choosing the Startup Disk then you will come across with a message that you can’t optimize the particular disk until unless you restart the program from the Norton nu16 or Norton Utility 16 CD.

Defragmenting the files increases the chances of recovering the deleted files, in near future. It all depends on your choice whether to defragment all the files or select the largest fragmented files or the most fragmented files. Defragmenting files is not the only optimization process but it just improves your disk performances.

In case you wish to download the Norton Utility 16 then you need to visit

Here,  this article learns about the defragmented file and how to defragment all the files or the selected files.

Check out the steps to defragment all the files or the selected files-

  • To defragment the entire files

  1. You need to run the ‘Speed Disk’.

Note- A message will notify you that you can’t optimize the Startup Disk.

  1. Select the ‘Defragment files’.

On the selected disk, the speed disk defragments all the files.

  • To defragment the selected files

  1. Open the ‘Speed Disk’.
  2. From the ‘Explore’ menu, select ‘Show fragmented files’.

The fragmented files dialog box will list out all the fragmented files, size, and the number of fragments. Please keep this in mind that the dimmed files can’t be defragmented.

  1. Select the ‘file, size, or fragment’ column heading for display of the list in a different order.
  2. Choose the file for defragmentation-
  • Click on the particular file to select it.
  • Press Shift and click on the adjacent files.
  • Press Command and click on the non-adjacent files.
  • Click on the ‘Select All’ option from the edit menu.
  1. Choose the ‘Defragment selected files’.

Note- For purchasing any Norton product, you need to have Norton account to check for the subscription date and expiry date

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