Learn to install Norton Anti-Theft agent on your Android

Android phone is the thing one cannot forget to carry anywhere no matter what. From storing personal media to account passwords, people highly depend on their phones to access nearly everything. As the handy devices are becoming a necessity for today’s generation, it is crucial to protect it from emerging threats that can easily penetrate in internal apps via internet and if you lose your device, you might not be able to locate it.

Norton Anti-Theft

Therefore, having Norton Anti-Theft on devices helps its users not only to have secured data, but also phone tracker. Before you proceed to install the app on your Smartphone, make sure the device is compatible with it. Also, it is essential to remove other security software or it will crash running apps and slow down the device’s performance. To know if you device is compatible and the installation process continue to the instructions below.

Steps to download & install the Norton Anti-Theft agent on your Android

  1. Tap on your preferred web browser and search norton.com/setup and you will be directed to the home page, from where you can choose the product Norton Anti-theft product you purchased
  2. Or, you can also go to Google Play store and search for the product
  3. Tap on the icon to install the app
  4. Mark agree when the license agreement pops-up
  5. Once the app is downloaded and installed, tap the icon and launch it
  6. On the home page of Norton Anti-Theft app, tap Sign In Here button and proceed
  7. Use the credential that you used to create your profile on ‘Norton.com/nu16. When on the next page, do one of the following:
  • If you are adding or connecting an Android device for the first time, go the section of ‘Setting up Norton Anti-Theft’, tap Get it from Google Play
  • If you have already added another Android device, press Add Device, and then in the Setting up Norton Anti-Theft, or settings option, tap Get it from Google Play
  1. If you are prompted to enter your Norton product key, type it in its respective field
  2. Follow the on-screen procedure and complete the steps

You have successfully installed the app on your Android phone. To make sure if it is working correctly, run the app to scan your phone.

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