July 2, 2018

Norton Account – Create My Norton Account – norton.com/myaccount

norton account

With Norton antivirus, you get the freedom to keep you data stored safely whether it is kept at cloud storage or device’s memory. As you install and activate the product, Norton product encrypts your online data to protect it from being hacked or leaked.

Though the rates of cybercrime are increasing rapidly, yet people are not paying much attention to secure their data and personal information. It is highly recommended to have an active antivirus on computers and smartphones. You get the liberty to protect your personal as well as professional data.  In order to get such intelligent security features, you must have a Norton account.

Why do you need a Norton Account?

Having a Norton account lets you manage your Norton subscription and enroll you to access other features as well. Once you create a Norton My account, you can download your subscription, manage your devices  From Norton Setup, view information of your purchased product, and edit & update your account information. Creating a Norton account becomes essential and is considered as a step of subscription while you purchase any antivirus product from the Norton.com/setup.

If you are new user and looking out for procedure and source to create your Norton account to avail protection for your data, you can follow up the steps as mentioned below.

Please note that the steps might vary slightly depending on the web browser and its version you are using. Also, make sure you use an updated version as older ones might block the page or not allow you to access some pages.

How to create a Norton account?

  1. Launch a web browser and in the search bar, type or copy-paste norton.com/myaccount and press the enter button
  2. When you are directed to the home page, click on the Register/ Sign up button
  • You can also click Sign in button to get to the Register menu
  1. Click Create an account
  2. Type in all the details required along with your registered phone number and press ‘Create Account’ option to continue
  3. Agree to the terms & conditions and complete your sign up process
  • If the registration process asks you to enter a password sent to your mobile, provide the passcode for validation of your phone number

You have now successfully created your Norton My account and can carry out the procedure to get an active subscription to protect your device and data. In odd cases, you might encounter trouble while creating an account or purchasing the product, for this, you need to get under the guidance of expert.

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