Norton Mobile security for kids

It is not a hidden fact that cyber bully is increasing commonly and children are becoming a major target of the crime. The rate has increased in recent years as most of the kids have started using phones, which allows exposure to the internet. Being a smart kid is good but it is too much to expect with them that they know everything. Parents do not generally check their kids’ phone and what activity they do, but right under their nose, they do unexpected activities.  Also, it is not possible to keep an eye on their day-to-day internet history or other activities. Creating social profiles, accessing various websites, downloading different apps are some of the factors that open doors for cybercriminals.

Norton Mobile security

Norton Mobile security

Hence, to fight against emerging web offenses, developers at Norton Mobile security software with the latest features for unbeatable protection. The countless number of people already uses the antivirus program across the world to secure their device and the data stored in it from being stolen. To take preventative measure, parents must install an active and trusted security app in their kid’s phone. With Norton Mobile security, you get the best set of antitrust protection against cyberbullying.

As you get Norton setup on an android phone, you leverage these smart protection features:

  • Install Norton Mobile security: Prior to any step, start off by installing an active subscription Norton setup on the phone and turn on the access and settings that are required or asked.


  • Set a secure password: Create a strong yet easy to remember the password to lock applications so no unknown person and access through phone’s gallery or other documents.


  • Setup emergency contacts: In an uncertain situation, it could be hard to be spontaneous and come out of it. Therefore, it is always a good approach to set up speed dials or emergency contacts on phones.


  • Set rules for Gaming apps: Many gaming apps are infected and when downloaded, they affect phone’s performance and can cause other risks. To avoid such happenings, you must set rules for gaming apps. When you install Norton mobile security, you manually change settings as per the need.


  • Stay active with Norton: It is mandatory to keep the subscription active else, the app will disable its security feature. To get it from the official site and install dirtily, click and run the program.

Take a step ahead with Norton Mobile security for kids by visiting and get your subscription for active safeguard.

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