How Norton Protects your Devices?

Norton is a well-renowned name in the world of cybersecurity. It delivers endpoint protection to the devices to ensure the safety of your data and the protection of your devices. With a Norton antivirus installed on your device, you can ensure safe online transactions, secure file transfers, and safe browsing.

norton security

Available via, Norton products render 5-layered protection to detect and fix all sorts of viruses immediately. These layers include:

Intrusion Prevention Wall

Norton includes an Intrusion Prevention System to protect your operating system along with the web browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.). The antivirus has been designed in a way to detect all the minor and major security holes through which the malicious codes could enter your device. A specialized program named Norton Security monitors bytes of traffic and blocks everything it finds suspicious.

Antivirus File Scan

Norton antivirus software incorporates the specialized features that help them to scan every file on your device and detect the vulnerabilities. It keeps on updating its virus definitions that helps it to look over current as well as upcoming threats or viruses.

Reputation Database

Norton products that are installed using a Norton setup, scan every file and then give your downloads a reputation review. Files that have been developed by the genuine developers pass through easily.

SONAR Behavior Monitoring

Almost all malware and viruses follow such practices that genuine software will never. These practices may include fetching your email contacts and then using it for some other purpose for making money. Norton security software observes suspicious behavior of the fake applications that asks you for your personal details and blocks them immediately.

Advanced tools to erase and repair

With tools such as Power Eraser, Norton Boot and more, Norton security software destroys all hidden malware from your device.

Apart from rendering protection through this layered architecture, Norton offers several security programs such as Norton Security Premium, Norton Wi-Fi Privacy, and that offer complete privacy and PC tune up to boost the performance of your device.

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