How To Take Advantage Of Phone Finder In Norton Mobile Security?

Norton, the world-class norton mobile security software and solutions providers offer a plethora of antivirus and software for the Windows and Mac devices. These software offers complete protection from viruses, malware, spyware, Trojan Horses, Ransomware and other online threats that have the capability of stealing your confidential information and misusing it. The attackers via the medium of these viruses can also steal your hard-earned money.

phone finder in Norton mobile security

Apart from the security software for web, the well-known security software manufacturer also provides a number of solutions for the mobile phones. One of the most popular products of Norton is Norton mobile security. The product has been tailored made for Android as well as iOS mobile devices. It protects the device from all kind of viruses that tend to attack your mobile phone via malicious links, photos, videos and attachments you download from your mail inbox.

Not just protection of your data and information, it also provide you an array of anti-theft features that can do wonders, if you lost your device or someone steals it. After the mishap, you can simply access these anti-theft features through web or SMS to find your lost device (provided the location services are enabled). Both SMS-based and web-based anti-theft services use the same passcode, which is system generated when you register the device. To view or modify your passcode, you have to simply log in to your Norton account. To use the Anti-theft features from Norton Mobile Security:

  1. Log in to your Norton account using the registered email ID and password
  2. Choose the device for which you want to use the anti-theft feature
  3. In this pane, simply click one of the following features and follow the instructions given with them
    • Remove Screen Lock- Hit this option to unlock your device
    • Lost Mode- Hit Turn On Lost Mode to lock your lost device. This will also track and make audible sound, take pictures and more to help you find it
    • Lock Device – Enter a custom message you want to be displayed on the device’s lock screen and then hit Lock Device
    • Locate- Click Locate Now to display the current location of your device on the map
    • Sneak-Peak- With this you can take photos using the front camera
    • Scream- This will make an audible sound from your device, which will ultimately help to locate it
    • Call- Click Call Phone to make a call to your lost iPhone or iPad via internet
    • Wipe- Click this option to erase all your personal data on the device

If you cannot access any of the features of the Norton mobile security, visit

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