Amazon Echo vs. Dot: Which Is Right for You?

Alexa devices started from Amazon Echo and then other versions of it like “All-new Echo Plus” and “Echo Dot,” rolled out in the market. While these versions could be different, all of them have a fundamental duty of being more than the usual speakers and rather taking control of all other smart devices at your home. From making calls to playing music, Alexa does it all for you, but when there are options to choose from, you might be confused about what to pick. We are comparing Amazon Echo and Echo Dot – while their basic features are the same, they have some noticeable differences between them.

Both Amazon Echo and Echo Dot are built with 360-degree omnidirectional microphones. While Echo is the second generation, Dot is the third generation model.

Differences between Amazon Echo and Dot


Echo offers a high-quality sound. It comes with a woofer, tweeter, and 7-microphone array enabled to sound louder and also able to hear you clearly from all across the room. Dot only has a single speaker and a four-microphone array. You can, however, pair two dots to create a speaker set offering stereo sound.


The cost of Echo dot is $39.99 while Amazon Echo costs close to $69.99. So, obviously, Dot is definitely the most affordable option. It delivers all the smart speaker benefits like advanced voice recognition, smart device control, and assistance with small tasks via Alexa.


Echo Dot has a small shape which is perfect for compact living spaces. It is slightly smaller than Echo with its dimensions are 3.9 x 3.9 x 1.7 inches. The dimensions of Amazon Echo are 5.8 x 3.4 x 3.4 inches. While the weight of Echo is 29 Ounces, Echo Dot weighs only 10.6 ounces.

Advantages of Echo over dot

Amazon Echo comes with six different decorative shells to choose from. So, you can choose the one in accordance with your room decor. Talking about Dot, it doesn’t come with a decorative shell.


Comparing all the factors, Dot could be a better option for its consumers primarily because it offers almost all the same features as Echo at a lower cost. As far as the speaker quality is concerned, you can hook it up with external speakers to create Echo like quality. However, if you don’ t want to spend on additional speakers or mess about with them, Echo is your perfect choice.

Amazon Echo or Dot – Choice is going to be finally yours!

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