Defend yourself against “Pharming” using Norton Security

The said word is a kind of online scam that involves the use of malicious codes and links at the scammer’s end. They use such techniques to infect a user’s PC with malicious links and codes so that when a user clicks on it, he is redirected to a suspicious website where there is a fear of identity theft and other such scams. The word is an amalgamation of two words and one of them is “Phishing”. The other word is “farming” which makes a pathway for this scam.

If you have ever heard of “phishing without a lure” then it is the origin of this scam only. Pharming is somewhat different from phishing. In a phishing scam, the scammer looks out for possible chances for you to click on suspicious links. On the other hand, the other one is used to send code upon clicking which you are redirected to a link where you are tricked into sharing your personal information. When you do so, the scammer gets his hands on the actual website and steals all your crucial data.

Mechanism of pharming

The scammer usually accomplishes his evil goals by exploiting the mechanics of the Internet. He does it through using the Domain Name Server also known as DNS. He corrupts both DNS cache and server so that he could infect your device with malicious codes. There are two types of pharming scams i.e. “Malware-based pharming” and “DNS server poisoning”.

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The earlier one uses a Trojan or virus that ultimately takes you to a fake website. The malicious code is usually sent through email and this code has the ability to change the device’s host files. The latter one uses Domain Name Systems to exploit the vulnerability. The poisoned DNS is then used so that you are redirected to a fake IP address no matter you typed your query the right way. The scam doesn’t take into account the corrupt individual files rather targets a larger group of victims.

Steps to shield from pharming scams

The best thing you can do to defend yourself from cyber-criminal activities and such types of scam is to install a heightened security antivirus solution. Norton Security is considered as the best in industry antivirus solution.

It not only protects you from viruses but also helps to defend against the ever-increasing scams. It has browser monitoring features that warn you whenever it finds some suspicious activities happening from your browsers’ end. Here are some things that you can do other than installing antivirus software:

  1. Do not visit the websites which do not start from https as they may be suspicious.
  2. If an unknown sender sends you some links and asks you to click on it for your benefit, then be cautious as it could be a suspicious link.
  3. If you have even a little bit of doubt about a site being suspicious, then avoid visiting it.
  4. Use two-factor authentication to encode your system and browser for avoiding suspicious activities at your end.
  5. It is suggested to use the Internet service provider that is reputable and used by many others,
  6. Use Norton’s VPN because it has a reputable DNS server.
  7. Change your passwords regularly so that nobody could get hands on it.
  8. If you have any doubt that you are a victim of the scam, then you can reset the entries of the DNS so that you are not redirected to suspicious links.

To sum up-

The users are requested not to use an unsecured network connection to connect to the internet. One should leave the website if it doesn’t seem right or it has some spelling mistakes or you find unfamiliar fonts on it because it could be illegitimate.