Positive Technology experts claim to have discovered a vulnerability in Intel Chips

Computer Tech researchers have alleged that Intel processor chips that power a majority of computers, desktops and laptops across the world are secretly concealing undocumented technology.

The shocking revelation came into light after Positive Technologies researchers Maxim Goryachiy and Mark Yarmolov at the Black Hat Conference on 28 March, a gathering of hackers and cyber security experts, submitted a report concerning the legitimacy and integrity of preceding technologies in Intel chipsets and processors unknown to general users.

They have found that Intel processors and other chips contain an enigmatic “login signal Analyzer” capable of reading almost everything stored in the memory and intercepts signal from peripheral devices (Display, Keyboard, Webcam, etc). So the processor chips can access data throughout your computer.

Regardless of the fact that Intel VISA is disabled by default in commercial systems, experts deciphered multiple ways to switch it back without employing special equipments. They said it is possible to connect Intel VISA with ordinary motherboards. They have discovered the Analyzer deeply encoded in the Platform Controller Hub (PCH) on Intel Motherboard as well as main processor itself, which together forms the brain of a computer.

The report is yet to be confirmed officially; however, it’s a potential wakeup call for conspiracy theorists to come up with new stories, even though the report findings don’t provide enough evidence to solidify their suspicions on deep-rooted rumors of espionage on American People by NSA.

Conspiracy Theorists alleged that NSA, an American Intelligence Agency responsible to trace out National Security threats deployed Hidden “Back Doors” in chipsets that are used for surveillance on billions of people. NSA was criticized over suspicions of intercepting and decrypting commercial and business email messages all in the name of National Security.

The hidden technology surfaced through a previously mitigated vulnerability identified by the tech experts of Positive Technologies.

Intel said that Intel VISA vulnerability is real, but relies upon physical access, meaning cybercriminals and hackers couldn’t switch it back over the Internet and begin stealing your personal information.

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