Create My Norton Account – [Quick Setup]

Visit, find the perfect product, log in to your account, and
deploy your Norton subscription.

Are you having trouble with Do you see any error while trying to login to your existing Norton account, or maybe you can’t enter your email your Norton account login credentials due to reasons unknown at the time? Is it because you have forgotten your Norton account password or username, or you don’t know how to retrieve it? If your query is equivalent to any of the above statements, then you have come to the right place to seek a resolution.

The gist of this document is to help people new to Norton antivirus products get a broad idea of how works along with instructions to get started with your Norton subscription. Get to know the step-by-step procedure to create your Norton account, fix login issues, and retrieve your password. You’re not the only person who is suffering from accessibility issues with Norton antivirus products, but the majority of help seekers are asking the same questions.

  • 01. Through Norton my account, you can download all latest versions of Norton antivirus products by using
  • 02. Renew your Norton subscription
  • 03. Retrieve your Norton activation key or purchase a new key
  • 04. Manage your Norton subscription and account information
  • 05. Turn on and off your Automatic Renewal enrollment
  • 06. Install, update and activate different Norton Setup products and features that you’re enrolled in
  • 07. Install Norton security products on your devices
  • 08. Reinstall Norton products by using product key stored in your Norton account
  • 09. Set-up and manage life-lock specific features
  • 10. Activate your backup
  • 11. Transfer your Norton subscription license to another device
  • 12. Monitor security status of your device
  • 13. Check the Norton services that are active on your device
  • 14. Remove a Norton service from your account
  • 15. View and update your billing information
  • 16. Setup email notifications

In case, you find this write up ineffective to resolve your login issues via, then you can contact Norton customer support service for expert advice in the matter.

  • 01. Open your web browser and type the URL
  • 02. Click on “Create Account” option, located beneath the tab “Don’t have an account”
  • 03. Enter the email address that you want to register with Norton my account. Go to the “Create an account” page and type the email address in the “Email address field”.
  • 04. Retype the “email address” that you just entered in the “Confirm Email address” field
  • 05. Create a “Password” that is easy for you to recall and type it in the “Password” box
  • 06. Type your first name and last name in the “First Name” and “Last Name” boxes
  • 07. If you want to save your Norton account with two-factor authentication, select your country code and enter your mobile number
  • 08. Scroll down the list in the “Region” section and select the country or region
  • 09. Click “Email me product updates, offers and security newsletter” to get the notifications on latest Symantec offers, product updates and security newsletters
  • 10. Press the “Create account” button to create your account

Causes that blocks you from accessing Norton account

There can be hundreds of reasons behind the inability to access the Norton account. Even if you create a new account, there is a possibility that you might not be able to access it due to the time-consuming verification process or slow speed of internet.

You can try the URL,, to get signed in your account. In case, the issue still persists, then you better get in touch with Norton technical support services as quickly as possible before online threats claim possession over the details of your personal data. They are available 24/7 to help counter whatever issues you are having.

In case, you find this write up ineffective to resolve your login issues via, then you can contact Norton customer support service for expert advice in the matter.

Conclusion: offers you a safe and easily accessible online corridor to keep an eye on your Norton products while allowing you to monitor and manage your monthly payments for subscription and credit card details.

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