– Download, Install And Activate Norton Utilities – Download, Install And Activate Norton Utilities

Norton 360 antivirus i.e. security provides anti-malware protection and scans your computer for potential threats such as viruses, spam, spyware, infected files, and other online born threats.

If you are looking forward to installing Norton 360 security in your computer, you can enroll for a paid version of Norton security or just download a 30 days free trial version from A majority of subscribers prefer to enroll in a yearlong package with as it reduces the overall monthly payments. However, many would flinch from spending money on any sort of anti-virus subscriptions. They don’t give much thought on why anyone would ever want to steal their personal data.

Norton nu16 works as a performance booster for Norton 360 trial version by downloading Norton utilities via

Does it really matter if an unknown person steals my private data?

People suspect the motives behind such an attack as if they have nothing of great significance stored in their computers in comparison to banks, schools, businesses, institutions, etc. They don’t have to worry about anything and with they stay updated. Therefore, the question arises here is why anyone would ever want to hack an individual PC.

For them, if anti-virus is about protection from viruses that slow down your PC, then free trials are quite enough to get rid of them. But the threat is real, so real that even the most disciplined internet users are now living in constant fear of hackers and cybercriminals. If they get their hands on your private data, the consequences would break your faith on devices that you use to surf, chat, shop, and socialize.

If my Norton trial period expires, can I install the same trial version again?

No, you cannot perform multiple installations of the same Norton Product on after another. Trial versions are meant to be used only once so users can try and test basic features of product before they make a purchase. It follows the same old “Try before you buy” marketing strategy to maximize conversion rates of customers.

Can I use the activation key to extend my Norton Trial version i.e.

Yes, when your trial period reaches its end you can use the activation to extend the period for another month.

How do I activate Norton 360 with product key without uninstalling and reinstalling
the trial version that is already installed in my PC?

  • 01. Open the main windows of Norton 360
  • 02. Swipe the cursor at the bottom of the Window and Press “Activate Now”
  • 03. Enter the product key received by Norton 360
  • 04. Log in to your Norton account by entering your username and password
  • 05. If you do not have an existing account, then Click “Sign Up”
  • 06. Then fill in your personal details to complete the sign up form.
  • 07. Choose and type a username and password that is easy to recall and then, retype the same for confirmation.
  • 08. Press “Activate Now”

How do I opt-out from Norton trial
products to avoid charges?

In case, you want to cancel the Norton Trial version that you installed in your PC, you should do it before the trial period expires which is normally of 30 days. To do so, you need to sign in your Norton Account or seek guidance through Norton Customer Support.

Is Norton 360 Trail version identical to subscribed one?

Yes, the trial version of Norton 360 has the same functionalities and features as the paid one.

Is it true that I have to provide my payment details to download and install Norton 360?

Indeed, you need to provide your credit or debit card details to download Norton 360 trial versions via The process is known as opt-out trialware introduced by Symantec. Although, you won’t be charged with immediate effect for downloading and using the trial version at the time you provide your payment details. The motive behind asking payment details is to create a Norton account through which Norton can charge you if you intend to extend the trial period after 30 days.

How do I uninstall Norton 360 Trial Version
from my PC?

  • 01. Swipe your cursor to the “Start Menu” at the bottom of your screen
  • 02. Go to the “Control Panel” Windowpane and click “Program and Features” option
  • 03. Select Norton 360 setup from the drop-down list and Click “Uninstall/Remove” option

Follow the remaining process to uninstall Norton 360 Trial version

The other way is the Norton Uninstall and Removal Tool.

How do I contact Symantec for guidelines to download and install
Norton 360 Trial Version?

In general, Customer Technical Support for users with less technical prowess is available 24/7 by Symantec. You can either make a phone call or
engage with tech-specialists via live chat option. You can start by visiting web page to get the contact details.

In the end

You’re recommended not to go for Norton 360 paid version as trial versions may be good to protect your PC from minor threats but not enough to give you a 360-degree comprehensive protection. Norton 360 Protection protects you from viruses, malwares, spyware, ransomware, Trojan, infected files, and malicious websites. So keep it close all the time.

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