Norton Power Eraser: Is it really safe for your computer?

Norton Power Eraser is a scanning tool which aims at detecting your computer for aggressive threats. It is basically used as a malware removal tool. Norton has designed this software to remove the most persistent viruses on computer.

How does Norton Power Eraser Work?

The software knows a list of few trusted and malicious applications. It matches the applications found on your computer with that list; in case, any of the names matches to the name from the list of malicious application, power eraser deletes it.

In other scenario, if the name matches from some name in the list of trusted applications, it keeps it. In case, the application remains unknown (not being there in any list), it is reported as suspicious to the user.

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Norton Power Eraser is brilliant to use when you need a powerful cleanup for your system.

Norton Power Eraser Feature

The two important features of Norton Power Eraser are:

  1. The unknown threats are sent for analysis
  2. The program includes rootkit scanning software which raises suspicion of a rootkit infection. It does it by asking for a system restart.

Its shortcomings

While Norton Power Eraser is aggressive software for malware detection and its removal it has one important shortcoming – it works well computers running on Microsoft Windows (all its versions), however, it does not work with computers running on MAC OS X. Apparently, it is not compatible with the MAC systems.

How to Download and Run Norton Power Eraser?

The latest version of Norton Power Eraser is You can download and run it for free. Follow the steps to run it:

  1. Once you are downloading Norton Power eraser, choose the location where you want to save it.
  2. In order to run it, tap twice on NPE.exe. Now, go the entire license agreement and accept it.
  3. You can run a scan by hitting icon of “scan for risks.” You have to give it the permission for rootkit scanning wherein you can approve it, and you will see your system restarting.
  4. Once the system restarts, you would be suggested to remove a few items which the software may observe as a threat. You can also go into analysis of certain threats which are unknown.

Is it safe to use Norton Power Eraser?

It is absolutely safe to use Norton Power Eraser; however, a user must know that there are few warnings which it already offers:

  1. Since Norton Power Eraser is an aggressive repair tool, the company has already mentioned it that it involves a little risk of the legitimate programs being marked for removal. Well, you need to be sincere on your own to make sure that you don’t lose your important files.
  2. It would require you to restart your computer.
  3. You can reverse any changes by running Norton Power Eraser again which can undo the past repair sessions.

If you can easily comply with these warnings, you can download and run Norton Power eraser on your computer without any worries.

Have you ever used Norton Power Eraser? If yes, share your experience of using the software.