Protect your online identity with Dark Web Monitoring

Dark web is a hidden platform in the darker alleys of the Internet where cybercriminals used to trade stolen information without anyone spying on them. Whenever Norton detects your stolen information on the Dark web, it notifies you. Dark Web monitoring is a service that keeps surveillance on the movement of the personal information stolen by master hackers.

Norton is dedicating on monitoring your data on hard to detect web portals and forums. It allows identifying the culprit who infiltrated in your cybersecurity and stole your data for unethical purposes or to make easy money. They find it pretty simple to sell or buy data on websites that are camouflaged as regular ones but used to conceal the doors to a secret marketplace where only hackers and cybercriminals roam. 

Once your information is detected on the Dark Web, you receive a notification. Use the information given below to plan your next move accordingly. In the meantime, Norton will keep tracking the current location of data wherever it goes. 

What should you do?

Do as discussed below if Dark Web Monitoring detects the following information:


If Norton sends you a notification of possible detection of your username, go through the steps to prevent any misuse:

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  • Try resetting your username if you have the option. It is quite possible that the same username might have exposed multiple times in the past.
  • Try resetting your password that you use to access your account 


In case, the Dark Web Monitoring finds your Password in the list of stolen information, go through the steps:

  • Reset your Password 
  • Make sure to reset the same password you use on other websites or app.
  • Setup two-factor verification option whenever available with a website


Phishing emails are used extensively by hackers and cybercriminals to track and steal your personal information. Follow the steps, if you receive a Dark Web notification on the same:

  • Change the email if you’re using it as a login/username for better security
  • You’re advised to refrain from transferring your personal information via email

Birth Date, Driver’s License, or Bank Statements

Identity thieves can hack in your personal data like Name, Address, Date of Birth, Personal Identification Information, Driver’s license, Bank Statements and Mother’s Maiden Name, etc, to hack into other accounts and carry out fraudulent acts.

Follow the steps if Dark Web notifications include your Date of Birth:

  • Carefully examine all your financial transactions and see if there are anomalies that you don’t recall
  • Remove mails from your inbox right away. If you’re on the go, request to hold the mail services
  • Conceal information that has your PII, such as credit card and bank statement, medical records and receipts
  • Always choose paperless delivery whenever possible and practical
  • Set up the clocked mail to mitigate the risk data theft

Password Number

Your password number can be used to gain access to other accounts by hackers to perform unethical activities. If you see your Password Number in the Dark Web Notification, follow the steps:

  • Get in touch with your local passport authorities to lodge a formal complaint
  • Apply for a new password 


Get in touch with Norton Customer Support Services for a detailed explanation of Dark Web Monitoring and How Norton can help your prevent any possible attempt of Data Theft by cybercriminals. You need to be extra vigilant to safeguard your online privacy as identity theft cannot be prevented permanently. Only tight security and precautions may help you adjust your security settings once you hit by the cyber attacks. 

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