How to take control of data hacking from Public Wi-Fi?

Getting access to the public Wi-fi in restaurants, cafes or hotels can leave your important information to open to the spyware and data theft. Here how you can practice cybersecurity on public Wi-Fi.

Tips to take under consideration while you think to protect your data using public Wi-Fi:-

  1. You should use a VPN: – Hackers use online platforms as a means of accessing your valuable data. By using public Wi-Fi, scammers can intrude and access on an unsecured network. This means all the details including your bank account credentials, credit card details or your details present on the social platforms are at risk.

To build a safeguard, you must use Norton Secure VPN to cipher the information sent and received by your device when you use a public Wi-Fi hotspot. Make sure your device is encrypted as encryption helps you to ensure that your valuable data is safe and stays private.

  1.    Plan in advance: – Some airports do offer free Wi-Fi, be aware don’t be fooled. The free Wi-Fi network can fool you by being fake with an official-sounding name. You could be connecting to a fake Wi-Fi hotspot set up by a hacker.

Check the details of the Wi-Fi on the airport’s website before leaving home. In order to be safe, you should not log in to sites, which are password protected, if you are not sure about the fact that the website is protected by an antivirus lock such as Norton password lock. If the website is unsafe or fake then there are chances that the hacker will get access to your passwords.

  1.    Do security checks with the hotels before you check in: – Not every hotel implements security vulnerability patches for their WI-Fi Routers right away. Do not completely trust your data and devices are safe with the hotel’s Wi-Fi. Before you check-in to the specific hotel, just crosscheck whether you are safe in using the internet with the hotel’s Wi-Fi.

Important: – During the check-in, you should ask for the official hotel’s Wi-Fi details so that there will be a chance of you being secured by accessing a password protected WI-Fi network.

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There are some tips you can consider to reduce the risk while using public Wi-Fi:-

  • You must check your Wi-Fi settings.
  • Change the passwords before you plan to travel.
  • Update your applications and security software regularly.
  • Avoid accessing sites, which have malicious content.
  • Make sure your VPN is encrypted and check whether the URL you are using is safe or not.


You should be aware of accessing your data online while using Wi-Fi routers apart from the one you use at home. Because when you check-in to some hotel, the data might not be secured as there is a high possibility of the data to be hacked. Therefore, be aware and safe while making your trip plans and booking online. Moreover, get the Wi-Fi details of the hotels in advance.

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