Download and setup your protection is a web page that enables you to download and activate Norton products on your device - In this era and time, all of us are surrounded by emerging online threats known as viruses, malware, spyware, etc. They are capable of penetrating our digital life at an extent from where a safe return is almost impossible. It is becoming a pain in the head to keep our digital privacy hidden from the prying eyes of hackers and cybercriminals. They resort to loopholes and backdoors that can set the stage for more gruesome crimes such as ransomeware. However, in our digital world, if they say there is a problem, then a solution cannot be far away.

What is Norton Antivirus Software?

Norton setup is a part of Norton subscription that helps us to deploy Norton security on home internet devices to protect our loved ones from malicious websites, infected files and viruses:

As far as online threats are concerned, Norton antivirus products and internet security always stood their ground like an impenetrable wall to prevent authorized access. They thwart any attempt of cyber infiltration in our digital life. If cybercriminals are modern day thieves, then Norton antivirus is the force to be reckoned with like a sentry guard who keeps vigilance on our daily online activities. They protect our rights to access free source of information via internet and ensure a safe environment for all of us to surf, chat, shop and socialize.

How Norton Antivirus does works?

How Norton antivirus works depend on what digital platform you want to install it.

There are multiple versions of Norton suite for every purpose including business, private, corporate, individual, commercial, students, finance and banking apps. On the other hand, the versions are assorted according to the platforms on which you deploy them. Such platforms are mobile phones, desktop, tablet and many more. In addition, Norton provides daily updates, special offers and automatic renewal services to help you maintain uninterrupted protection throughout your subscription period. Well, Norton setup can protect any of these devices from viruses by conducting automatic scans on your system. It uses virus definition database, suspicious behavior, emulate code and sandbox techniques to detect malicious websites and prevent downloading infected files. They may compromise your system’s performances and productivity. Once installed, it compares the hard drive, memory and boot sectors or any removable drive by scanning them for a potential threat.

Follow the guidelines for a step-by-step installation of Norton setup


Once you know the true power of Norton security products, it is highly unlikely for you not to enroll in this antivirus technology: Before we delve into a discussion on how to proceed with an online/offline installation, you are recommended a few things to bear in mind at the time of installation. Make sure to meet your system requirements, remove any pre-installed antivirus or programs that may conflict with the installation process. Purchase a Norton subscription with a valid product key and create a Norton account to download and activate your Norton setup. In addition, Norton account could be useful to get daily updates, special offers, notifications, while managing your Norton subscriptions or extend your subscription to other devices.

Make sure to perform these steps in the exact order to download and install Norton setup:
  1. Open your web browser and type the URL
  2. Log in to your Norton account by entering the credentials that you used while creating your account.
  3. If you don’t have an account, then don’t worry. It does not require the knowledge to the extent of a computer scientist to create a new Norton account. Just go to the page and click “Sign Up”, then provide the information to complete the sign up form and your account is ready to use.
  4. Navigate to the “Get Started” pane and you will be prompted to enter your product key.
  5. Enter your product code in the allotted box.
  • Just remember if you have purchased the Norton subscription online, you must have a registered email ID through which you purchased your product. Therefore, all the details of your purchase such as order receipt, payment mode and product key link will be sent to you on the same email address. Furthermore, Open the email ID and search for the purchase confirmation order to retrieve your product key.
Norton Safe Search
  • In case you purchased the subscription Offline via a retail store, you will receive a retail card. To retrieve your product key, just peel off the back cover of your retail card and redeem the key. Also, instructions to download and install Norton setup is available inside the retail card.
  1. In the next step, you will be prompted to enroll in Auto-Renewal Service for your Norton product, which you may choose to skip.
  2. In case if you already decided to enroll in the Auto-Renewal Service, then review the terms and conditions of the renewal agreement. Press “Click and Continue” to proceed to payment mode.
  3. Provide your Credit card or Debit card details and press “Next”.
  4. Provide your billing details, address, and Click “Enroll in Automatic Renewal”.
  5. Click “Continue to download” in the enrollment confirmation wizard.
  6. Click “Agree and Download”.
  7. In case, you have multiple products in your Norton account, then select the product that you want to download and install.
  8. Click to either “Run” or “Save” the downloaded file depending on your Web browser. In case you saved the file, then locate the downloaded file in the web browser download history. Double-click the Norton setup file to initiate the installation process.
  9. Review the terms and conditions of the end user license agreement and Click “Agree and Install”
  10. Follow the on-screen guidelines to complete the installation process.

Follow the steps to activate your Norton setup product

  1. Double-click the Norton setup icon to execute the activation process

  2. Press “Activate” and enter your 25 digits product key

  3. Log in to your Norton account( and Click “Next”

  4. Click “Activate now” and your Norton setup is ready to use.

What’s new in Norton Security 2019?

  • Defends against online threats and faster scanning
  • Blocks spam and email that contain malicious content
  • Parental controls
  • Password manager
  • PC optimization tool
  • Self-sufficient Firewall Protection
  • Online identity and financial protection
  • easy-to-use design and navigation

In a nutshell
Norton provides so many brand new features, clean and easy-to-use navigation system while protecting against emerging online threats. It's no wonder that Norton security is the most preferred choice for antivirus suite. Besides, excellent customer support and outstanding value for money services makes it the champion of online protection among its users. is an independent support provider on On-Demand Remote Technical Services For Norton Security products. Use of Norton Name, logo, trademarks & Product Images is only for reference and in no way intended to suggest that Technology has any business association with Norton. Norton trademarks, Names, logo and Images are the property of their respective owners; disclaims any ownership in such conditions.